This page can be used to upload images and information about the assets which we are producing for use in the the Paragon station project. 

Asset CreationEdit

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Adam Brown - Train Engine

Tim Lumb - Train Carriage , Sink

Matt Lane - Arch's, Car, and hopfully some other bits if I have time! :) 

Latest asset updates TrainEdit

Train Engine has been very quickly blocked out in blender, this is not the correct aspect ratio or design but I wanted to see how much detail could be added while keeping poly count low.


Quick Blockout of a train in blender.

 Currently at around 1600 polygons a quick question for the group, are we able to see inside the train such as the area where people drive it, can we also see the wheels or is the actual train blocked off. Rather not have the interior or the wheels, pistons etc modeled for something that wont be seen.     ==Asset 2==

Asset 3Edit

Asset 4Edit