WW1 soldiers Manchester

Soldiers going to war

A page to add information to about characters which could be useful to the group project.

Possible Characters found in the station:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Train Conducters
  • Merchants
  • Reservists
  • Police
  • Children


Character ClothingEdit

As this is a historical event that happened, it requires some fine research into what the characters in and around the station would be wearing. So within this part, please contribute any research you have found to do with what clothes and fashion was worn around 1914.


Bowler Hats and Black Suits

Men in the early 1900's wore very similar pieces of clothing. They would be wearing suitswith a long coat to accompany and either a bow-tie or tie along with a top hat. 

Another key characteristic about men back in the early 20th century was that a minority of them had large mustaches which could be used within character creation to differentiate various characters within a crowd so they wouldn't look all completely the same. Also another characteristic that would differentiate a crowd of people would be the many variations of hats that are on show, flat caps, straw hats. top hats and bowler hats were all worn in them days.


Long ankle dresses and large hats

The fashion of the women in the early 1900's was also unvaried, the images shown above show women more or less wearing very similar items of clothing. Long ankle dresses and large hats with either bows, ribbons or feathers to decorate them with seemed to be idea back then. When thinking about our interactive environment, populating the area with people would be very ideal to show and give an idea of how it would of looked when the troops left for duty, men and women saying farewell, police maintaining the area etc.


Police OfficersEdit

Here is a website I found that has some good information on the police officers clothing in the time frame that we are aiming for. [1]